First stop ... Baltimore!

Driving through the Harbor Tunnel

Driving by Camden on our way to the hotel

What on earth is that Pickel doing!?!

View of Camden from our hotel room

Giant Eel ... creepy!

Heading into the rainforest

Some serious "ups"

Great Dolphin show at the National Aquarium


Hard Rock Cafe in Balitmore

Ty sporting his Oriole colors

Big O posing for a photo

After 8 hours on the road we finally get to Cincinnati!

Great American Ballpark in Cincy

Tyler donning his Cincinnati Red

King of the Cincinnati Zoo

Give a hoot!

Cincinnati's Museum Center

Rolling into Cleveland

Welcome to the Cleveland Zoo!

Koala bear in Cleveland ... he sure looks like he's missing The Bush!

Feeding station for the giraffes at the Cleveland zoo

Super cute baby black bears born in January 2011

Crazy looking croccodile

Tyler throwing heat at the kids area before the game

Tyler rooting for the Indians in his Santana shirt and signature style hat

Progressive Field in Cleveland

Slider the Cleveland Indians macot

Next stop ... Pittsburgh!

The incline in Pittsburgh

Tyler, Sarah and Dad heading back to the hotel after dinner at Sarah's ... good to see our old friends!

A hungry tiger eyeing us up

Rhino ... enough said

Leopard in Cleveland just hanging out next to the glass

Cool picture of an ostrich

Cool looking baboon

The gorillas in Pittsburgh were so fun to watch

Dragon fish ... wild aren't they?

Tyler and Sarah

He does not look happy!

Closest I ever want to be to a Polar Bear

Check out those teeth!

PNC is a great park!

Tyler in his Bucs gear

View from our seats at PNC

Albert studying James MacDonald

The Pittsburgh Parrot

Tyler on the Roberto Clemente Bridge.

Rolling into Dc.

On our way to the Smithsonian

The Capital Building

The Washington Monument

9 year old boy from CT with 270 million year old Eryops from TX

Squid ... creepy

Great White teeth ... Tyler sure does love sharks!

The Hope Diamond


Fun at the Air & Space Museum

More fun at Air & Space

Pre-game ritual ... Happy Hour with dad

Nationals Park in DC

Ty in his Nationals Red

Nationals mascot Screech

The Racing Presidents ... why does Teddy never win?

The magic squishy ... stayed on the ceiling all day!

Last stop ... Philadelphia!

Ty with Mike Schmidt ... best 3rd baseman of all time!

Our last pre-game Happy Hour!

Citizen's Bank Park

Ty in his Philly's gear

The Phanatic

That's a winner! Home teams were 4-2 on our trip.

Look out for the dinosaur!