Day 11
We missed breakfast this morning because we slept in till almost 11am … so we had a good lunch and played some cards before leaving DC for Philly. It was only a 2 hour drive but I spent most of it playing on the iPad and sleeping. We drove right to Citizen’s Bank Park to go to the team store for our Philly’s gear. The store had a lot of great stuff to choose from … definitely one of the best team stores we’ve been to. When we got to the hotel we only spent a little bit in the room before going down to the bar for our pre-game drinks before leaving for the stadium. We took a subway down to the stadium. At the stadium we got through 3 innings before a huge rain storm came through and caused a long delay. To pass the time my dad and I played trivial pursuit on the iPhone and I won! After 10pm the game started again. The score was 3-0 Phillies before the delay and the final score was 4-1. When the Phillies won the bell in center field lit up and rang. After the game we took the subway back to the hotel. It was almost 1am when we got back and in bed. We had a great trip and still have a couple more days to spend in Philadelphia but no games. Can’t wait till next years’ trip!

Day 10
We had a good breakfast in the hotel and then headed over to the Smithsonian. The Smithsonian Museums are not far from our hotel so we walked over to the plaza and got some picture of the Capital building and the Washington Monument before going to the Museum of Natural History. In the Museum of Natural History we saw dinosaurs, pre-historic mammals, sea creatures and other cool stuff. My favorite thing to see was the seas creatures. There was a huge whale and a squid that was caught by a fisherman almost 2,000 feet deep in the ocean. It was huge, but before it was preserved it was said to have been even bigger (see pics)! After lunch at the Natural History Museum we headed over to the Air & Space Museum. We saw air planes, rockets and they had a bunch of hands-on science exhibits. They were all very cool and fun to play and learn about. We then headed back to the hotel for some time in the pool and to get ready for the game. After our pre-game, Happy Hour ritual we went down to the DC Metro to catch a train to the park. It was really crowded. At the game we saw 2 homeruns … one by Joey Votto in the top of the first and one by Ryan Zimmerman in the bottom of 9 to cut the lead in half (2-1). It was weird that we got to see Johnny Cueto pitch again (we saw him pitch last week in Cincy) and again the final score was 2-1 Reds. Unfortunately this time we were rooting for the Nationals to win. After the game we headed back to the hotel. The Metro was even more crowded going back but we were able to position ourselves to get on a train and made it back to the hotel. Since it wasn’t too late we ordered some room service and watched some TV before going to sleep. Headed to Philly tomorrow for our last game of the trip. We are currently 3-2 rooting for the home teams so we’re hoping Philly will win so our record will be over .500. It is going to be a great game because Arizona won the first and Philly won the second game of the 3 game series.

Day 9
After a good breakfast we went to the Pirates store so I could get a titanium pitchers necklace. After picking up the necklace we tried to leave Pittsburgh to head to Washington DC but the my dad made a wrong turn and the GPS started going crazy! Apparently it is known fact that GPS’s don’t work well in downtown Pittsburgh. But we were able to figure it out and made it to the highway for the 4 hour drive to DC. I spent most of the time playing games on the iPad and sleeping. Finally we were in DC! Traffic is awful! It took us a long time to get across town to the team store to get our home team gear for the Nationals game tomorrow night. After getting to the stadium they told us we couldn’t go to the team store because it was a game day and you have to have a ticket to get in. But just then our luck started to turn when one of the guards let us in to the park to go to the store. I got a Nationals hat and a Bryce Harper t-shirt. After that we drove to the hotel where we played some cards, had some drinks and went to the pool. The pool was really fun … it went up to 9 feet which was the deepest of the pools we’ve been to so far. After the pool we got showered up and had a nice dinner and dessert. Now it’s time to get a good night sleep as we’re going to go to the Smithsonian tomorrow and then the Nationals host the Cincinnati Reds tomorrow night.

Day 8
After we woke up and had breakfast we went to the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium with the my friend Sarah. We saw a bunch of cool animals and went down a tree slide which was really sweet. One of the most interesting parts of the zoo were the gorillas. One of them ran and rolled through the water and then rolled around again in the grass … they were really fun to watch. At the aquarium they had great penguin and shark exhibits. After the zoo and the aquarium we went back to the hotel and we went to the pool for a swim. We played for a while and then Sarah had to go home. It made me sad that she had to go home and that I won’t see her again until October when she comes to CT. After getting cleaned up and dressed in our Pirates gear, we headed out for the stadium. We walked from the hotel and got a little lost and then met up with a very nice couple that helped us make it across the Roberto Clemente bridge to PNC Park. We walked through the stadium and got to our seats which were right behind home plate. We ordered a lot of food and saw home runs by Xavier Paul & Ryan Doumit … the game had a lot of action! In the end the Pirates beat the Cardinals 6 – 2. PNC Park is one of the best parks I’ve ever been to.

Day 7
We had a nice breakfast at the Ritz in Cleveland and then we headed over to the Great Lakes Science Center. There was a bunch of gadgets and cool things to use. We got to take off in an airplane and land a lunar module. They had a funky drum set, a keyboard that made weird sounds and a bunch of PVC tubes that you hit with a yellow paddle and it made different sounds. My favorite exhibit there was a kind of maze where a golf ball would come down and hit a flat slab of cement. Depending how the ball came off the rock the ball would either hit a drum and ring bells or hit another drum and hit a cymbal or it would miss the drums and go to the bottom. It was really fun trying to make the ball fly where I wanted it to. After the Science Center we had just a 2 hour drive to Pittsburgh but the weather was awful and the rain storms slowed us down a bit. We checked into the Double Tree hotel in Pittsburgh and then went to my friends Sarah’s house. Sarah used to live in Connecticut but moved to Pittsburgh 9 months ago because her mom got a new job. We had dinner at their house, played a football game and made Youtube videos together … it was great to catch up with her. My dad let her come back to the hotel for a sleep over and then hangout with us to go to the zoo tomorrow. 

Day 6
We had a great breakfast in the hotel and then we were off to the Cleveland Zoo.  We had a bunch of fun at the zoo because there were a lot of cool animals and a big rain forest.  My favorite part of the zoo was the rainforest exhibit.  The rainforest exhibit had 2 levels and a wide variety of animals.  They had otters, ant-eaters, porcupines, tarantulas, fish, snakes, monkeys, crocodiles, turtles... all animals of the rainforest.  After the zoo we went to Beachwood Place mall where I got a white angry bird and some candy.  The mall had some really cool stores including one that was specifically for dogs.  At the ballgame I got a Carlos Santana tee-shirt with his signature on the front.  The ballpark was really cool and they had very good food.  My dad ate 4 special hot dogs with grilled onions and hot onion sauce on them and then ate half of my hot dog when I was done... he really likes those hot dogs!  The Indians beat the Twins 3 to 1 on a home run by Azdrubal Cabrera. 

Day 5
After a good breakfast we went to the Cincinnati Museum.  We went to the Museum of Natural History first which had a really cool cave to walk through.  They also had a scavenger hunt that was really hard but we got all the answers.  In the Kids Museum there was a big jungle where you got to climb up ladders and stairs and go down slides.  It was really cool.  We then hit the road for Cleveland.  It was only a 4 hour drive but it felt pretty long.  When we got to the hotel we saw that it was attached to a mall so we went through looking for our game-day gear.  We found a couple of cool Indians hats but we didn’t find a shirt so we may have to buy one at the game tomorrow.  The Indians are going to be playing the Minnesota Twins.

Day 4
We had a pretty nice breakfast...the food was good but the restaurant was freezing!!!  After tooling around the hotel for a while we went to the Reds vs Rockies game.  It was an afternoon game and the weather was great!  The Reds were leading 2-0 up to the 9th inning when Seth Smith from the Rockies hit a home run to cut the lead in half.  With 2 outs Troy Tulowitzky came in to pinch hit and he hit a hard line drive to the 2nd baseman to end the game.  We almost caught a foul ball that game our way but Ty Wiggington caught the ball right above a kids glove in front of us.  Wiggington showed the ball to the kid as if he was going to give it to him and then turned and threw around the horn.  The crowd booed him loudly and he went 0 for 2 with a walk... serves him right! After the game we went to the Cincinnati Zoo and saw some crazy bugs and cute animals (see pics section).  My favorite of the zoo was the Night Hunters exhibit.  They had a ton of cool animals like a giant owl, a leopard, vampire bats, and even an aardvark.  They also had some really cute cats and foxes.  Off to Cleveland tomorrow...

Day 3
We had a good breakfast before leaving the hotel for Cincinnati.  The GPS said it would take 9 hours to get from Baltimore to Cincinnati but in the Mustang we were able to cut it down to 8 hours... still a very long drive!  We had a few stops on the road for gas and food but we made it to Cincy!  We went to a store called “I Love Cincinnati” to get some gear for the game tomorrow.  We had a nice dinner, played some cards and went to bed so we’d be rested for the afternoon game between the Reds and the Rockies.

Day 2
Today we started our day with a good breakfast at the hotel. Then we went to the aquarium which took a long time because both dad and I had such a good time and I got a squishy penguin puffer.  At the aquarium we saw turtles, sharks, stingrays, lizards, frogs … one of my favorites was the rock fish.  There were 4 in the tank and it was very hard to find all 4 because they blended in with the rocks so much.  Another of my favorites was the fresh water sawfish because it’s nose looked like a long saw.  After that we went to the Hard Rock café where I had a great burger. On our way back to the hotel we went to some stores in the Inner Harbor where dad bought me an Angry Bird shirt and an Adam Jones Orioles shirt.  Also dad and I got Orioles hats.  I had ice cream that was tie-dye colored called Superman... not sure why it was named that but it tasted amazing.  The guy gave me too much so I couldn’t finish it.  For Happy Hour we went to the hotel bar for drinks and played the card game Big Fish Little Fish.  Then we went to our first game.  We were really lucky that we didn’t even have to walk a block to the stadium.  It was a great game!  We didn’t get a baseball but we saw 2 home runs (unfortunately they were for the White Sox)... we may get a ball in Cincinnati, who knows!  But it was a great game none the less.  In the end the Orioles lost 4-3.  A really great pitcher struck out the last batter with a 97 mile an hour fast ball.  Tonight we’re going to get a good night sleep because we have an 8 hour drive to Cincinnati. 

Day 1
We left the house saying goodbye to our family.  And then we were on the road for a 5 hour road trip to Baltimore.  Baltimore is the first stop of our big trip.  Our first stop on the road was at a New Jersey rest stop where we got Nathans for lunch and Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls for desert.  After lunch we got back on the road and I watched Rio the movie on the iPad... great way to make time go by on a long drive!  Almost right after the movie ended we were in Baltimore!  We drove through the Harbor Tunnel (see pics on the picture section) and took the exit to the Inner Harbor.  Before we reached the hotel we saw a walking pickle who appeared to be wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates hat... a Pittsburgh Pickel... what he was doing in Baltimore we may never know.  When we checked in we told the nice lady that we were on a baseball trip so she gave us a room overlooking Camden Yards (see pics).  After we got settled in our room we went to the pool for a swim and a dip in the hot tub.  Dad and I are looking forward to a very busy and fun day tomorrow in Baltimore!